What does a surfer smell like?

Chanel Surfing Advert on YouTube

I doubt the creative luvvies at Chanel are old enough to know they’re rehashing the classic 1980s advert for gents aftershave Old Spice. But that’s not stopped them using surfing and a hunky surfer to sell perfume to blokes (or more likely, their partners) . The Chanel Allure Homme Sport ad is just the latest example of surfploitation by companies selling their wares, in this case the olfactory essence of surfing (admittedly, it is a nice stall under the lip).

But what DOES a surfer smell like? Chanel think their Allure Homme Sport evokes a’ Sparkling and invigorating freshness, a natural and radiant sensibility, heightening the scent of a breeze against bare skin…to create an infinitely seductive allure.’

Bizarrely, when I asked my wife what I smell like after surfing, she said it was more like ‘a heady cocktail of decaying neoprene, dilute sewage, crusty saltiness and occasionally stale pee.’

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