Based in the inspiring village of Woolacombe we specialize in water and coastal based video projects from concept to marketing, for the surf, tourism and environmental sectors.

Our clients have included International surf brands, national charities, Local authorities and the national trust.

We can help you create the best video and launch solutions for your business, on schedule and on budget.

We only use state of the art hardware and utilize our experience in capturing surf imagery to specialize in the more technical aspects of water based videography.

Our cameras are:

Sony EX3 Sony EX1[and water housing] Sony E1A [water housing]
Canon 60D [dedicated surf water housing] GoPro HD X4 [water housing]

Call Richard for a chat on: 01271 870111 / 07855 869332.

or send him an email

image journal

  • not yesterday
  • Inverted perceptions
  • Exotic location
  • Standing stones
  • Surrealism
  • Vapourous ships of the dawn
  • Metal detectors behind me
  • Hands up this is a stick up
  • It's behind you
  • Stiff offshore
  • First drop in temperature for weeks
  • Towers of rain
  • Great anvils of moisture
  • The architect of the tide
  • Bird botherer
  • Serene scene

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