using the wavedreamer WordPress journal

using the wavedreamer WordPress journal

Hopefully by now you have already read some of the posts in the wavedreamer journal & are keen to contribute to the discussions. The journal is powered by WordPress, a state-of-the-art website publishing platform. In order to comment on any of the threads in the journal, you need to be registered with us first. You can click here to register.

When you first register, follow the on screen instructions & you will be taken to our WordPress registration page. After choosing your screen user name & submitting your email address, you will be sent a password to that email address. You can now return to the journal, log in and start posting! Remember, initially, as a subscriber, all your threads will need moderating/approving before appearing on the live site. In time, you can request to be a contributor, whereupon you can comment as you wish, with immediate results. We are hoping to reach a wide & diverse audience of like-minded folk, so remember that only pleasant, non-agressive & non x-rated comments are welcome!

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We have tried very hard to make the wavedreamer website intuitive, clean & simple to use, whilst hopefully enjoyable to look at as well! Due to the nature of some of the content, different users with differing abilities & system setups may need a little guidance to enjoy the best possible wavedreamer experience

In the following features, we have tried to cover all the main areas where we think you may need some assistance. If you feel we are not answering any of your questions, or resolving any problem you may be having, just contact us here

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