Time to hang up the 5/4 …forever?

image of wetsuits

It’s official – summer is here. The swifts have arrived in my neighbourhood and its time to hang up the 5/4 wetsuit until November. But possibly, it could be staying there.

According to a report this week, the ocean’s around Britain are warming so much that fish species traditionally found in Southern Europe are now being caught here. The good news is that we can have longer winter surf sessions in thinner wetsuits and some of these species are rather delectable, such as bluefin tuna, squid and anchovies. The bad news is that one of the species that will be frequenting our waters is the thresher shark and there will be fish wars as foreign trawlers come into our waters to chase the warm water fish and our trawlers race north to chase cold water species such as cod and mackerel.

And of course, the really bad news is that warmer oceans also mean rising sea levels which will devastate many existing surf spots. So the 3/2 may also be joining the 5/4 in the wardrobe.

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