Time to go veggie?

Image of overfishing

What on earth am I doing writing about this you may wonder?

A couple of recent stories in the media caught my eye and made me more determined to spend more time on the allotment. First of all, apparently there are only 100 mature cod left in the North Sea. Cod reach sexual maturity in their teens- much like people. The problem is, that we’re pulling them out of the ocean before they get their cod mojos working and make baby codlings. Although this story has been refuted by, er, the Scottish fishing industry, which says cod fishstocks are recovering and there are 21 million mature cod out thereĀ  few people doubt that fish stocks are declining, so we should love fish and eat sustainably.

Secondly, as if overfishing isn’t enough to scare us into going veggie, then a new study shows that climate change and the acidification of the oceans that results will affect the poorest countries first and harder than us lucky enough to live at the tops and bottoms of the world. The two most worrying messages from this study were that some of the countries worst hit will be those who depend most on fish for their main source of protein and small island states dependent on coral reefs. These are among those most vulnerable to other effects of climate change – sea level rise, more storms and desertification – and least geared up to help themselves.

Time to get to love the chickpea!

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