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Taz Knight

Age – 15

Rides for: Quicksilver, Nigel Semmens.

Taz in a nutshell.

Grounded, fearless, phenomenal, mature and talented.

Taz is an extremely well rounded kid, with an adventurous spirit tempered by a very supportive and strong family network.

His surfing is a direct reflection of this. A beautiful combination of new school trickery, reckless abandon and traditional rail surfing. The full bag. A rare feature of someone so young.

Proof of this can be found in the coverage he received in Pitpilot and Carve magazines at the tender age of 11 for charging meaty barrels at Porthleven on a day when a lot of adults would be making excuses for not being out there, as well as recently beating the country’s best juniors at the the Relentless U.K.P.S.A event in Saltburn with a highly progressive new school bag of tricks and clever contest strategy.

Taz is a regular on the junior contest circuit in the UK, winning the British Schools Championships at U-14 level and placing on the podium in numerous national level contests.

If it was not for the media documentation his committed approach has attracted, it would be hard to believe just how many world class destinations he has found himself in recently.
His passport reads like locations on a James Bond movie. Morrocco, the Canary Islands, France, Portugal, Ireland, Hawaii and Indonesia, and that’s all in the past 18 months. Did we mention he was just 15?

Taz was born on a boat to the sway of Mother ocean, spending his first 6 months at sea in a hammock, and we really believe that it has given him a extra special affinity with the sea that kids his age need to work very hard to achieve.

Taz is only just starting to dip his toe into his potential.

With an amazing family unit helping to steer him away from the diversions that hinder other kids his age, there is no doubt that Taz’s trajectory is going to be bright and fast. Any company wanting to put a logo on his rocket are going to get their brand positioned in the market like Batmans logo on the sky.

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