image of tsunami

Limpets and tsunamis – micro and macro oceanography

There have been two mesmerising programmes on the BBC this week about oceans. Both (at time of writing) are still on i-player. At the macro end of the scale, what would happen if a volcanic eruption on the Canary island of La Palma triggered a mega tsunami? Using boffins.......[read more]

Image from North of the Sun surf film

North of the Sun – the most unlikely ‘best surf film ever’?

What are the essential ingredients of a 5 star surf film? Perhaps, for you, they include: tropical waves being shredded by tousled blonde groms to a trash-metal punk soundtrack, grizzled allround watermen with forearms likeĀ  railway sleepers being towed into gaping maws at obscure offshore reefs, slo-mo duckdiving wahinis.......[read more]

logo of london surf film festival

For one weekend only – London is surf central

For one weekend only, London will be surf central. I don’t mean the fabled ‘secret’ Thames bore, or wake-surfing a waste barge. Or even day trips to Kent or Brighton (don’t bother?) or weekends in the west country. No, I’m hard and moist with anticipation at the prospect of.......[read more]

Happy Birthday, Trinidad and Tobago

Happy Birthday, Trinidad and Tobago

Chris Dennis – Between Worlds video The 31st August is the 50th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago’s independence from its colonial master, the United Kingdom. I was lucky enough to live there for 3 years in the late 1990s – early noughties and surfed its many breaks. The surfers.......[read more]

image of going vertical poster

More vital viewing and history making from the Museum

I’m proud to be a trustee of the Museum of British Surfing and the work its doing – not only uncovering the roots of British surfing, but also encouraging new surf culture. It recently featured on BBC One Show and also hosted the premiere of new Brit surf film,.......[read more]

image of alan stokes

Anyone for tweed?

The popular image of the National Trust is of sensible people in sensible tweed shuffling round stately homes. So it may come as a shock to many surfers that the NT are sponsoring the Shorties Contest in the London Surf/Film Festival 2012 and that the NT have surf ambassadors........[read more]

image of rising-sea-levels

Go surfing now – before runaway sea level rise

Thanks to a wonderful present from Mr Wavedreamer himself, I’ve been worrying myself to sleep for the last week by reading Final Warning: The Vanishing Face of Gaia by James Lovelock. He is an influential, independent scientist who has developed the concept that the earth is a living organism.......[read more]

Image of Nude Lizzy Jagger, daughter of Misk and Jerry Hall with tuna

How many nude models does it take to save a fish?

That’s what I was asking myself after reading last Sunday Times magazine feature on the fishlove photos taken by fashion snapper Rankin of Jerry Hall, her and Mick’s spawn Lizzy Jagger and other fashion luvvies. The photos are part of the very laudable Ocean2012 campaign to stop overfishing in.......[read more]

Sorry sir, prawn’s off

The latest episode of Indian Ocean with Simon Reeves showed 2 sides of the the prawn fishing industry that has grown up to satisfy the West’s lustĀ  for tiger prawn vindaloo (or any other jumbo shrimp dish). Whereas in India the preference seems to be for massively destructive bottom.......[read more]

image of Simon Reeve BBC Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean – paradise lost?

The current BBC series ‘Indian Ocean‘ is clearly showing the devastating effect of human population growth and ‘development’ on the Indian Ocean. The programme is straight out of the traditional Michael Palin travelogue mode, albeit presented by a tousled younger version, Simon Reeve. Its a bit Blue Peterish at.......[read more]

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