image of surfing in the maldives

Less than 4000 days to surf the Maldives?

Here’s a sad idea for surf tourist companies and I’m not sure I should even suggest it – selling trips to spots which are going to disappear within a decade. A top climate scientist has predicted that small island states will have to be evacuated within 10 years as.......[read more]

image of surfing near fukushima

Meltdown on my mind

Hugo Tagholm of SAS alerted me to a leaked report from the European Commission   that raises issues not just for the general population but also for surfers. The report indicates that lots of European nuclear power stations may be unprepared for the type of impact that devastated Fukushima.......[read more]

image of cover up at the Marina by Mat Hammond

Brighton’s waves threatened again – please help to protect our waves

Even though the value of the waves at Brighton Marina (a local and regional resource) are recognised by the local City Council, the proposed Rampion offshore windfarm could reduce wave height by nearly a quarter. This shocking prediction has emerged in a revised draft Environmental Statement published by the.......[read more]

image of SAS Barefoot beach clean crew

Surfing for good

My blog was originally going to be called the Grumpy Old Surfer but someone got there first. I know I can whinge a bit about some of the baggage that comes with our beautiful and inspiring sport / pastime / way of life. But 2 events happening this weekend.......[read more]

Image of Museum of British Surfing gets award for sustainability

Rio + 20 = Doomsday – 100?

The Rio+20 summit that closed last week was supposed to update and progress the ground-breaking global commitments made 20 years ago. Did it succeed? Er, no. Not only were the existing commitments  not progressed, but it seems as if the summit agreement has made things worse? Why? Instead of.......[read more]

image of Liberian surfer

Coasts less surfed – the healing power of surfing?

This morning’s Today programme on Radio 4 had an interesting feature about the recovery of one of the many ‘failing’ African states recovering from civil war. This time it was Liberia and one of the ventures that’s helping to heal wounds and grow the economy is surfing. Actually it.......[read more]

image of surfer from behind wave

Coasts less-surfed – unacceptable face of surf colonialism?

As the waves become more crowded, surfers are looking for hidden waves to ride by themselves. Thanks to Google Earth, numerous websites and guides such as Stormrider and Footprint, this has become a lot easier than it used to be. My favourite way of discovering less-surfed coasts is by.......[read more]

image of swell map 070612

Happy World Oceans Day!

Today – June 8th – is a special day in our household. It’s World Oceans Day* when we celebrate the sea that gives us water, food, climate regulation, wonderful unique life forms drugs and – in my case, most of all – surfing. How will I celebrate World Oceans.......[read more]

image of surf hiker Greg Kroleski

Walk your way to empty secret spots

As the surf gets relentlessy more crowded, how can we score empty breaks? An article about the new 870 mile Wales Coast Path  gave me a few ideas about how to up your wave count and be more eco-surf friendly. Wales is now officially the first country in the.......[read more]

Image of Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard

Environmental movement has lost…?

This is the provocative headline for an interview with Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. Although you will find this claim in the depths of the interview with Chouinard’s view that the corporations have won, the majority of the interview is actually very positive. However, accepting this, Chouinard is trying.......[read more]

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