SAS protect our waves

Protect our waves

SAS have launched a new campaign to get the value of our waves recognised and then protected. They rightly point out that other sports and pastimes are protected – sometimes in the planning system, sometimes by law. So its only fair that surfspots should get the same treatment, especially.......[read more]

Image of Olympic 2012 torch bearer Tassy Swallow flying the flag

Surfing for the Olympics?

It was great to see Surfing GB Junior squad member Tassy Swallow making the national media carrying the London Olympic 2012 torch, but it made me wonder what the chances are of surfing becoming an Olympic sport. I remember a few Olympics ago this being debated – possibly before.......[read more]

Surfing Bird

Surfin Bird – surfploitation or high art?

The song Surfin’ Bird always pops into my head as I watch a gull ride the updraft in front of a wave. Where is it from and what does it represent? It was a hybrid of 2 RnB songs first recorded as a novelty single by The Trashmen (from.......[read more]

Guiness Surfing Advert

Surfploitation – surfing sells, or does it?

Surfploitation – using surfing images to sell goods or services unrelated to surfing – seems pretty rife. At the moment, airing on our screens is the Chanel male perfume surfing advert and a Thomas Cook travel advert. Perhaps the most famous example is the multi-award winning advert for Guinness........[read more]

Chanel Surfing Advert on YouTube

What does a surfer smell like?

I doubt the creative luvvies at Chanel are old enough to know they’re rehashing the classic 1980s advert for gents aftershave Old Spice. But that’s not stopped them using surfing and a hunky surfer to sell perfume to blokes (or more likely, their partners) . The Chanel Allure Homme.......[read more]

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