image of bathing season cold water surfers

Winter’s coming – time to hang up the wetsuit?

Less than a fortnight to go before the end of the official bathing season in the UK (30th September). Will I be hanging up my wetsuit until 1st May next year when the 2014 bathing season starts? Er, no. Where I live, the surfing season starts when the bathing season.......[read more]

Image of Kelly Slater

Surfonomics – the power of the £

Surfers Against Sewage is carrying out a survey asking British surfers about their spending habits on their surfing habit. This is vital information needed to help persuade decision-makers that waves are worth protecting and improving. Unfortunately, in a capitalist world (especially at the moment),  it is difficult to make.......[read more]

Sexism in Surf advertising – the backlash starts here?

  Roxy seems to have scored a spectacular own goal in releasing its trailer for the 2013 Roxy Biarritz Pro. Its an orgy of soft focus, slo-mo product placement which purports to present a serious athlete going about her business. It’s been roundly condemned by many in the surf.......[read more]

How much is a wave worth (again)?

Mulling over yesterday’s post made me think that waves are worth an awful lot more to the owners of car parks and cafes near to spots and to the surf shops, shapers and B+Bs that we use. Waves are worth thousands, nay millions of pounds. For that reason alone.......[read more]

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How much is a wave worth?

Last weekend I visited one of North Devon’s premier surf spots where one landowner has a monopoly on parking. A decade or so ago, parking charges were reasonable and in the winter, non-existent. Since then, however, with the growth in surfing, the landowner has struck it rich. Parking charges.......[read more]

image of Liberian surfer

Coasts less surfed – the healing power of surfing?

This morning’s Today programme on Radio 4 had an interesting feature about the recovery of one of the many ‘failing’ African states recovering from civil war. This time it was Liberia and one of the ventures that’s helping to heal wounds and grow the economy is surfing. Actually it.......[read more]

How much is a dolphin worth?

How much is a dolphin worth?

This is the question being asked in the US as BP gets ready to cough up compensation for the Gulf oil spill. The Guardian report seems to think this is a hypothetical question, but its not. Its an increasingly common way of assessing damage to human health and the.......[read more]

Guiness Surfing Advert

Surfploitation – surfing sells, or does it?

Surfploitation – using surfing images to sell goods or services unrelated to surfing – seems pretty rife. At the moment, airing on our screens is the Chanel male perfume surfing advert and a Thomas Cook travel advert. Perhaps the most famous example is the multi-award winning advert for Guinness........[read more]

The Economist

Surf economics: how to keep the crowds down?

Spotted on Surf Nation, The Economist has a very interesting article about surfing’s increasing problem with crowds and how access can be ‘rationed’ using a number of classic economic means. In recent years, surfing has suffered from its own version of the ‘tragedy of the commons’. Charging for access.......[read more]

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