Creative collective: Gulfstream

A short film we recently produced with the team at Gulfstream Surfboards....[read more]

ONEDAY in Woolacombe

ONEDAY in Woolacombe

We worked from 5 in the morning to 10 at night, it was an intense day! thanks so much to all the surfers who took time out and days off of work to be there and to Mat, Jack, Rob, Stu, Gordon, Joel and Steve our camera men and.......[read more]

Sally at Original Surfboards

Sally is featured in our Belly board championship video journal she has reinvented the British belly board....[read more]

Bro Diplock

....[read more]

Guts Surfboards

Aha! That loverly Welshman who encouraged me so much at the start. Chris built the first two camera boards that I used in the Brighton Project. They are still going – I’ve resprayed them for ONEDAY – thanks Chris!....[read more]

Tyler Surfboards

Lord Tyler and Lady Catherine taking tea and scones in North Devon, Sir Mikie was out of shot scoffing scones. I do miss them and so does the little fisherman.....[read more]

Steve Frost

My mate and co driver on missions, Steve has helped me with a lot of the onboard filming designing and building kit in his garage. The pic is from the 1975 the only thing that’s changed is the technical specs of his leash. Oh, and the tash has turned.......[read more]

Bone Idol

Martin was the first person to talk to me about surf boards, he opened his shop in an arch on Brighton sea front in ’92, is still designing and manufacturing his own range of clothes – another little fish surviving in a big pond.....[read more]

Gulf Stream

Always up for a project, the men at Gulf Stream are a cultural beacon shining bright in North Devon. They don’t just make pieces of art that you can ride waves with, they do other stuff too, pop into their gentleman’s outfitters in Braunton, it’s full of girls stuff.....[read more]

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  • not yesterday
  • Inverted perceptions
  • Exotic location
  • Standing stones
  • Surrealism
  • Vapourous ships of the dawn
  • Metal detectors behind me
  • Hands up this is a stick up
  • It's behind you
  • Stiff offshore
  • First drop in temperature for weeks
  • Towers of rain
  • Great anvils of moisture
  • The architect of the tide
  • Bird botherer
  • Serene scene

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