2012’s weather – the new normal?

2012’s weather – the new normal?

  An article in today’s Guardian newspaper poses the question whether 2012’s extreme weather – drought followed by floods, culminating in deaths, huge damages and a record wet year – is a sign of things to come. The climate experts believe that a warmer climate will mean that more.......[read more]

image of frozen brain

How to cure an ice cream headache

For many years. I’ve been plotting how to make money from surfing. As anyone who has ever seen me surf will attest, I’m not a competition standard surfer. I have never felt like setting up a shop (which seems an almost doomed idea at the moment). Many years ago.......[read more]

image of frozen brain

Poo Sorbet

Like the departure of the swifts for Africa, the first leaf fall and my loved one asking for the central heating to be turned on, there are some signs that winter is approaching. On a dawn patrol last week at the West Pier, Brighton, I duckdived 3 waves in.......[read more]

image of rising-sea-levels

Go surfing now – before runaway sea level rise

Thanks to a wonderful present from Mr Wavedreamer himself, I’ve been worrying myself to sleep for the last week by reading Final Warning: The Vanishing Face of Gaia by James Lovelock. He is an influential, independent scientist who has developed the concept that the earth is a living organism.......[read more]

image of low pressure system

What goes around…

Used by ancient cultures for millenia to symbolise the sun, the ages of woman and the turning of the seasons, the spiral is the most meaningful symbol for surfers. The spinning of a low pressure system that generates swell, the turbulent eddies that increase the size of the waves.......[read more]

Cold Water

It’s true – the water was colder years ago

Us ‘mature’ surfers often grumble that we had it tougher in the old days – no instant online eyeball surfchecks, slow journeys to the surf and wetsuits like suits of armour. Even worse, the water was colder. Now there is evidence that all is true – even that last.......[read more]

Perpetual Ocean

Most beautiful video on the internet?

No, not the latest Reef girls video, but this 3 minute mesmerizing animation of ocean currents, produced by NASA (which has a 20 minute version). It graphically shows how energy, heat, pollution and litter gets transported around the globe.....[read more]

Global weirding – or just warming – and you

The other night, I watched the BBC’s Global Weirding series. The term ‘global weirding’ looks like an attempt to sex-up ‘global warming’ and possibly make it less politically controversial. But it seems a pretty semantic difference, given that climate scientists have been saying for decades that the weather will.......[read more]

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