photo of Glen Short

New chapter in British surfing history opens soon

A major new exhibition at the award-winning Museum of British Surfing will look at the decade when modern surfing culture first washed ashore on the UK’s beaches in the 1960s. Exactly 50 years after the Britain’s first surf shop opened its doors, ‘Sixties SURFER!’ will tap into the source.......[read more]

Image of the first wave

Can you remember your first wave?

If so, a new project, supported by the Museum of British Surfing, wants to hear from you. It is helping a new project for UK surfing – an attempt to record an oral history of our beloved sport and is working with the Porthtowan Surf Life Saving Club, Cornwall.......[read more]

image of going vertical poster

More vital viewing and history making from the Museum

I’m proud to be a trustee of the Museum of British Surfing and the work its doing – not only uncovering the roots of British surfing, but also encouraging new surf culture. It recently featured on BBC One Show and also hosted the premiere of new Brit surf film,.......[read more]

Chanel Surfing Advert on YouTube

What does a surfer smell like?

I doubt the creative luvvies at Chanel are old enough to know they’re rehashing the classic 1980s advert for gents aftershave Old Spice. But that’s not stopped them using surfing and a hunky surfer to sell perfume to blokes (or more likely, their partners) . The Chanel Allure Homme.......[read more]

Bayeux Tapestry

Did William the Conqueror surf ashore?

Today’s news that Hawaiian princes surfed England’s east coast in the 19th century makes me wonder how far back in history can the Museum go? The Bayeaux tapestry should be checked very carefully – William of Normandy may have beaten Edward VIII by 9 centuries to be the first.......[read more]

Museum of British Surfing

Historic day for UK surfing

Yesterday, the Museum of British Surfing opened to the public. The night before, about 200 local dignitaries and national surf legends attend a launch event sponsored by Finisterre, SAS and Skinners brewery. Everyone I spoke to was raving about the Museum which aims to be the best and greenest.......[read more]

King Edward VIII Surfing

Ed the Shred – Royal scoop for new Museum

On Friday 6th April, the Museum of British Surfing will open in Braunton, Devon. And to mark this auspicious occasion, the Museum has released the earliest photo of a Briton standing on a surfboard – the future King Edward VIII while on holiday in Hawaii in 1920. Whatever your.......[read more]

The Art of Surfing

Historic day for British Surfing

I’ve just been delivering some of these ace posters for the Museum of British Surfing’s opening exhibition. Every shop and cafe in Brighton I’ve been to have commented on the great artwork. Surf art has been in us surfers’ lives for ever and is increasingly making it into the.......[read more]

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