Image of Turner: Fishermen upon a Lee-Shore, in Squally Weather from The Guardian website

JMW Turner – surf artist extraordinaire?

The great English landscape artist JMW Turner who died in 1851 isn’t normally known as a great surf artist. Understandably, he isn’t thought to have ever ventured onto anything like a surfboard or bellyboard or have featured in Britain’s surfing history. But he undoubtedly had a good eye for.......[read more]

image of vivascope at west pier brighton

BBC…calling the world

  Brighton Beach Culture is calling the world this week. The Brighton Festival and Fringe Festival – the 2nd biggest arts festival in the UK – is in full swing and befittingly there is plenty of beach culture to indulge in. Brighton lays claim to be one of the.......[read more]

Uncommon Ideals

Cold brutal beauty

Many thanks to Carve magazine for alerting me to these 2 short award-winning surf films that epitomise the new Arty Farty Surf film genre. ‘Dark side of the Lens’ is shot in Ireland. ‘Uncommon Ideals’ is shot around the North Sea, including Norway. Both ably demonstrate that the tropical.......[read more]

Museum of British Surfing

Historic day for UK surfing

Yesterday, the Museum of British Surfing opened to the public. The night before, about 200 local dignitaries and national surf legends attend a launch event sponsored by Finisterre, SAS and Skinners brewery. Everyone I spoke to was raving about the Museum which aims to be the best and greenest.......[read more]

Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

The Coleman Brothers – surfing’s Coen Brothers?

Actually, Jack Coleman and Dominic Coleman aren’t brothers (or related to me, for that matter), but both are talented surf filmmakers. Jack makes arty retro (if sexist) films like Happy Beach, Dominic has made one absolutely sublime pisstake of a certain kind of newbie surfer, nicely reviewed by Surfer’s.......[read more]

The Art of Surfing

Historic day for British Surfing

I’ve just been delivering some of these ace posters for the Museum of British Surfing’s opening exhibition. Every shop and cafe in Brighton I’ve been to have commented on the great artwork. Surf art has been in us surfers’ lives for ever and is increasingly making it into the.......[read more]

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