Image of Nude Lizzy Jagger, daughter of Misk and Jerry Hall with tuna

How many nude models does it take to save a fish?

That’s what I was asking myself after reading last Sunday Times magazine feature on the fishlove photos taken by fashion snapper Rankin of Jerry Hall, her and Mick’s spawn Lizzy Jagger and other fashion luvvies. The photos are part of the very laudable Ocean2012 campaign to stop overfishing in.......[read more]

Sorry sir, prawn’s off

The latest episode of Indian Ocean with Simon Reeves showed 2 sides of the the prawn fishing industry that has grown up to satisfy the West’s lust  for tiger prawn vindaloo (or any other jumbo shrimp dish). Whereas in India the preference seems to be for massively destructive bottom.......[read more]

image of Simon Reeve BBC Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean – paradise lost?

The current BBC series ‘Indian Ocean‘ is clearly showing the devastating effect of human population growth and ‘development’ on the Indian Ocean. The programme is straight out of the traditional Michael Palin travelogue mode, albeit presented by a tousled younger version, Simon Reeve. Its a bit Blue Peterish at.......[read more]

image of wetsuits

Time to hang up the 5/4 …forever?

It’s official – summer is here. The swifts have arrived in my neighbourhood and its time to hang up the 5/4 wetsuit until November. But possibly, it could be staying there. According to a report this week, the ocean’s around Britain are warming so much that fish species traditionally.......[read more]

image of fish fight

Fish – where would we be without it?

‘Back in the caves,’ is the answer. This was one of the enlightening facts gleaned from my bedside reading at the weekend, The River Cottage Fish Book. It was the mind-expanding goodness in a chemical called DHA that allowed the brains in our ancestors homo erectus to expand and.......[read more]

Patagonia launches food line – Finisterre to retaliate?

The surprising news that Patagonia have launched a food line shrink-wrapped for easy eating by rough outdoorsy types had me searching for a calendar to make sure it isn’t April 1st. But no – its true. They’re selling salmon from sustainable sources, caught sensitvely by local people. This is.......[read more]

Rows of Kippers

Kippertastic – sustainable fishing does exist

>Another example of sustainable fishing – the Guardian reports big supermarkets increasing sales of kippers. They are usually herring, packed with omega 3 oils, cheap and a common species. They probably nourished the Hawaiian princes before their historical dip in the Brid briney.....[read more]

Sustainable Fishing

Does sustainable fishing exist 2?

Tonight was the last of the BBC2 programme – The Fisherman’s Apprentice. Monty Halls has taken the lessons he learnt from 8 months living in a small Cornish fishing village, including a spell of deep sea trawling and visiting US East Coast fishermen, to come up with a model.......[read more]

Sustainable Fishing

Does sustainable fishing exist?

This is one of several questions that Monty Hall – a telegenic marine biologist – tries to answer on the programme The Fisherman’s Apprentice. The BBC filmed his attempt to spend 3 months as an inshore fisherman in south Cornwall. Last night’s programme saw him spending a week on.......[read more]

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