Image from North of the Sun surf film

North of the Sun – the most unlikely ‘best surf film ever’?

What are the essential ingredients of a 5 star surf film? Perhaps, for you, they include: tropical waves being shredded by tousled blonde groms to a trash-metal punk soundtrack, grizzled allround watermen with forearms like  railway sleepers being towed into gaping maws at obscure offshore reefs, slo-mo duckdiving wahinis.......[read more]

logo of london surf film festival

For one weekend only – London is surf central

For one weekend only, London will be surf central. I don’t mean the fabled ‘secret’ Thames bore, or wake-surfing a waste barge. Or even day trips to Kent or Brighton (don’t bother?) or weekends in the west country. No, I’m hard and moist with anticipation at the prospect of.......[read more]

poster of Beach Blanket Bingo

A Prince of Surfploitation RIP

William Asher, Director of I Love Lucy and Bewitched has died. So what? Well, he also directed some ‘classic’ surfploitation films in the 1960s like Muscle Beach Party and the contender for two of the best film titles of all time Beach Blanket Bingo and How to Stuff  a.......[read more]

image of alan stokes

Anyone for tweed?

The popular image of the National Trust is of sensible people in sensible tweed shuffling round stately homes. So it may come as a shock to many surfers that the NT are sponsoring the Shorties Contest in the London Surf/Film Festival 2012 and that the NT have surf ambassadors........[read more]


the GoPro HD Surf HERO test unit has arrived!

First impression.... is the size! its tiny! (H x W x D): 1.6” x 2.4” x 1.2” (42mm x 60mm x 30mm) and only weighs 6.3oz/179g incl. housing. And in this tiny unit is a camera that records three different formats of HD video, including full 1080p and.......[read more]

Lundy to Woolacombe swim - they did it!

Lundy to Woolacombe swim – they did it!

A celebration of the Lundy Swim Relay Challenge 2009 and call for more sponsorship Thanks to Lawrence from Back to Base for the Music....[read more]

Emma Critchely

Emma helped me out with the first planning trip for the ONEDAY project and some of the footage in Lunch in Porthleven is hers. She is an award winning underwater photographer. She has bought some new kit since this pic was taken!....[read more]

Steve Frost

My mate and co driver on missions, Steve has helped me with a lot of the onboard filming designing and building kit in his garage. The pic is from the 1975 the only thing that’s changed is the technical specs of his leash. Oh, and the tash has turned.......[read more]

Mark Brindle

Mark is my technical mentor & a mate!....[read more]

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