Act now to rescue protected areas for marine wildlife

The Government promised a network of Marine Conservation Zones to protect our precious marine wildlife. Consultation ends: Easter Sunday – 31st March 2013 Sea user stakeholder groups came to an agreement and recommended a network of 127 zones in English and Welsh offshore waters. The Government’s consultation is now proposing to designate just.......[read more]

image of alan stokes

Anyone for tweed?

The popular image of the National Trust is of sensible people in sensible tweed shuffling round stately homes. So it may come as a shock to many surfers that the NT are sponsoring the Shorties Contest in the London Surf/Film Festival 2012 and that the NT have surf ambassadors........[read more]

Image of Museum of British Surfing gets award for sustainability

Rio + 20 = Doomsday – 100?

The Rio+20 summit that closed last week was supposed to update and progress the ground-breaking global commitments made 20 years ago. Did it succeed? Er, no. Not only were the existing commitments  not progressed, but it seems as if the summit agreement has made things worse? Why? Instead of.......[read more]

image of swell map 070612

Happy World Oceans Day!

Today – June 8th – is a special day in our household. It’s World Oceans Day* when we celebrate the sea that gives us water, food, climate regulation, wonderful unique life forms drugs and – in my case, most of all – surfing. How will I celebrate World Oceans.......[read more]

image of Simon Reeve BBC Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean – paradise lost?

The current BBC series ‘Indian Ocean‘ is clearly showing the devastating effect of human population growth and ‘development’ on the Indian Ocean. The programme is straight out of the traditional Michael Palin travelogue mode, albeit presented by a tousled younger version, Simon Reeve. Its a bit Blue Peterish at.......[read more]

Image of Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard

Environmental movement has lost…?

This is the provocative headline for an interview with Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. Although you will find this claim in the depths of the interview with Chouinard’s view that the corporations have won, the majority of the interview is actually very positive. However, accepting this, Chouinard is trying.......[read more]

image of low pressure system

What goes around…

Used by ancient cultures for millenia to symbolise the sun, the ages of woman and the turning of the seasons, the spiral is the most meaningful symbol for surfers. The spinning of a low pressure system that generates swell, the turbulent eddies that increase the size of the waves.......[read more]

ONEDAY in Woolacombe

ONEDAY in Woolacombe

We worked from 5 in the morning to 10 at night, it was an intense day! thanks so much to all the surfers who took time out and days off of work to be there and to Mat, Jack, Rob, Stu, Gordon, Joel and Steve our camera men and.......[read more]

Lundy to Woolacombe swim - they did it!

Lundy to Woolacombe swim – they did it!

A celebration of the Lundy Swim Relay Challenge 2009 and call for more sponsorship Thanks to Lawrence from Back to Base for the Music....[read more]

Christie/Devon Estates Trust

Thanks so much to the Christie’s estate for allowing us to film on the burrows and the beach at Saunton.....[read more]

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