Image of CSO by Surfers Against Sewage

Great news about bathing water…or is it?

Today’s news that water quality at over 70% of UK beaches is officially ‘excellent’ is great isn’t it? Well on the one hand it is. Surfers Against Sewage have been fighting for cleaner seas since the early 1990s and the constant pressure on politicians and water companies is paying.......[read more]

image of somerset flooded

Global weirding…or the new normal?

Officially now the wettest January on record, it has also certainly been a surf-rich winter in my ‘hood. While the Secretary of State for flooding is reportedly a climate change sceptic, the Prime Minister seems to accept that extreme events like the weather since the end of December is.......[read more]

Typhoon Haiyan from BBC

Typhoon Haiyan – a symptom of oceans in crisis

The devastating Typhoon Haiyan that’s killed thousands and brought untold destruction to the Philippines is probably the most severe storm in centuries. We should all dig deep and contribute to the Disaster Emergency Committee which is co-ordinating the British response. £25 will feed a family for a week. But.......[read more]

image of flooding in santa domingo from National Geographic

Surfer’s guide to the latest UN climate change report

Today the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its latest report on the effects of climate change in Stockholm. In scientific, political and conspiracy theorist circles this is big news. It’s compiled by a smorgasbord of top climate scientists from lots of different countries and every word.......[read more]

rising sea level

How much longer have iconic US surf breaks got?

I’ve written before about the possible disappearance of iconic surf breaks around low-lying coral atolls, but how would the iconic surf breaks of mainland US fare in a warmer world with higher sea levels? Well now US surfers can take a glimpse into the probable future thanks to two.......[read more]

2012’s weather – the new normal?

2012’s weather – the new normal?

  An article in today’s Guardian newspaper poses the question whether 2012’s extreme weather – drought followed by floods, culminating in deaths, huge damages and a record wet year – is a sign of things to come. The climate experts believe that a warmer climate will mean that more.......[read more]

image of surfing in the maldives

Less than 4000 days to surf the Maldives?

Here’s a sad idea for surf tourist companies and I’m not sure I should even suggest it – selling trips to spots which are going to disappear within a decade. A top climate scientist has predicted that small island states will have to be evacuated within 10 years as.......[read more]

image of surfing near fukushima

Meltdown on my mind

Hugo Tagholm of SAS alerted me to a leaked report from the European Commission   that raises issues not just for the general population but also for surfers. The report indicates that lots of European nuclear power stations may be unprepared for the type of impact that devastated Fukushima.......[read more]

image of last wave

Just one more wave…

‘One more wave and I’m going in’ I think to myself when I know I should be making tracks. After that one, I think, ‘That last wave was a good one. Maybe just one more wave.’ After that one, I think, ‘Hmm, there’s still half an hour of tide.......[read more]

Image of overfishing

Time to go veggie?

What on earth am I doing writing about this you may wonder? A couple of recent stories in the media caught my eye and made me more determined to spend more time on the allotment. First of all, apparently there are only 100 mature cod left in the North.......[read more]

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