Image of CSO by Surfers Against Sewage

Great news about bathing water…or is it?

Today’s news that water quality at over 70% of UK beaches is officially ‘excellent’ is great isn’t it? Well on the one hand it is. Surfers Against Sewage have been fighting for cleaner seas since the early 1990s and the constant pressure on politicians and water companies is paying.......[read more]

Typhoon Haiyan from BBC

Typhoon Haiyan – a symptom of oceans in crisis

The devastating Typhoon Haiyan that’s killed thousands and brought untold destruction to the Philippines is probably the most severe storm in centuries. We should all dig deep and contribute to the Disaster Emergency Committee which is co-ordinating the British response. £25 will feed a family for a week. But.......[read more]

image of bathing season cold water surfers

Winter’s coming – time to hang up the wetsuit?

Less than a fortnight to go before the end of the official bathing season in the UK (30th September). Will I be hanging up my wetsuit until 1st May next year when the 2014 bathing season starts? Er, no. Where I live, the surfing season starts when the bathing season.......[read more]

World Toilet Day logo

Happy Belated World Toilet Day?

Yesterday was World Toilet Day, organised to support the provision of sanitaton to the 2.5 billion people in Africa, Asia and Latin America who don’t have access to proper, clean khazis. On one level this is a great campaign as open defecation (which 1.1 billion people have to do).......[read more]

image of SAS Barefoot beach clean crew

Surfing for good

My blog was originally going to be called the Grumpy Old Surfer but someone got there first. I know I can whinge a bit about some of the baggage that comes with our beautiful and inspiring sport / pastime / way of life. But 2 events happening this weekend.......[read more]

image of Simon Reeve BBC Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean – paradise lost?

The current BBC series ‘Indian Ocean‘ is clearly showing the devastating effect of human population growth and ‘development’ on the Indian Ocean. The programme is straight out of the traditional Michael Palin travelogue mode, albeit presented by a tousled younger version, Simon Reeve. Its a bit Blue Peterish at.......[read more]

Image of Sewage : Rainwater flowing down a drain at the side of a road

Hidden runaway run-off

The Marine Conservation Society has released its 2012 Good Beach Guide and, while its good news that its recommending more beaches, it failed over 200 beaches because of an appalling hidden amount of run-off from outfalls from streets, agricultural land and other sources. Only a quarter of the 31000.......[read more]

image of low pressure system

What goes around…

Used by ancient cultures for millenia to symbolise the sun, the ages of woman and the turning of the seasons, the spiral is the most meaningful symbol for surfers. The spinning of a low pressure system that generates swell, the turbulent eddies that increase the size of the waves.......[read more]

Surfing Footprint

Do you know your water footprint?

Water footprints are a similar concept to carbon footprints. We use a massive amount of water at home (the UK average is about 150 litres / person / day) but water use is also ’embedded’ in the food we eat, clothes we wear and  stuff we buy. While water.......[read more]

How much is a dolphin worth?

How much is a dolphin worth?

This is the question being asked in the US as BP gets ready to cough up compensation for the Gulf oil spill. The Guardian report seems to think this is a hypothetical question, but its not. Its an increasingly common way of assessing damage to human health and the.......[read more]

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