Image of Brighton Dawn by Laurence Pulford

Not Not California?

Over a decade ago, a certain Richard Gregory made an excellent little film about surfing in Brighton called Not California. The title was inspired by  the answer he gave to a passer by who asked ‘What’s the surf like, mate?’ while he was trudging up the beach after a.......[read more]

Image of Paddle Round the Pier logo

Paddle Round The Pier – surfers giving something back

Since 1996 there’s been a group of surfers paddling their boards and other weird and wonderful craft around one or other of Brighton’s piers. Founded by Dave ‘Sandals’ Samuel, it started as a fundraiser for Surfers Against Sewage and has now grown into the biggest free beach festival in.......[read more]

The Pack Instinct

My last session was on a Saturday morning – a small, clean swell caressing the groynes, sandbars and piers of my local spots. Given the fact there was probably only enough swell to last one tide, there were limited options for enjoying this late Autumn present from the surf.......[read more]

Happy Hurricane Anniversary

Twenty five years ago today, the south of England was hit by a great storm. Most people called it a hurricane, although technically it wasn’t. It is probably most famous for the way BBC weatherman Michael Fish dismissed the prospect of a hurricane hitting the country, rather than the.......[read more]

image of last wave

Just one more wave…

‘One more wave and I’m going in’ I think to myself when I know I should be making tracks. After that one, I think, ‘That last wave was a good one. Maybe just one more wave.’ After that one, I think, ‘Hmm, there’s still half an hour of tide.......[read more]

image of cover up at the Marina by Mat Hammond

Brighton’s waves threatened again – please help to protect our waves

Even though the value of the waves at Brighton Marina (a local and regional resource) are recognised by the local City Council, the proposed Rampion offshore windfarm could reduce wave height by nearly a quarter. This shocking prediction has emerged in a revised draft Environmental Statement published by the.......[read more]

image of SAS Barefoot beach clean crew

Surfing for good

My blog was originally going to be called the Grumpy Old Surfer but someone got there first. I know I can whinge a bit about some of the baggage that comes with our beautiful and inspiring sport / pastime / way of life. But 2 events happening this weekend.......[read more]

image of vivascope at west pier brighton

BBC…calling the world

  Brighton Beach Culture is calling the world this week. The Brighton Festival and Fringe Festival – the 2nd biggest arts festival in the UK – is in full swing and befittingly there is plenty of beach culture to indulge in. Brighton lays claim to be one of the.......[read more]

Bone Idol

Martin was the first person to talk to me about surf boards, he opened his shop in an arch on Brighton sea front in ’92, is still designing and manufacturing his own range of clothes – another little fish surviving in a big pond.....[read more]


One of the first community surf sites in the UK, James Onslow has been providing Brighton surfers with surf reports since 1999 and winning awards for it ever since!....[read more]

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