2012’s weather – the new normal?

2012’s weather – the new normal?

  An article in today’s Guardian newspaper poses the question whether 2012’s extreme weather – drought followed by floods, culminating in deaths, huge damages and a record wet year – is a sign of things to come. The climate experts believe that a warmer climate will mean that more.......[read more]

Christie/Devon Estates Trust

Thanks so much to the Christie’s estate for allowing us to film on the burrows and the beach at Saunton.....[read more]

Buckie and Hunter Boardwear

Buckie is my unofficial and probably reluctant business mentor and one day I will film him in a deep skating bowl with his shirt off to return the favour.....[read more]

Gulf Stream

Always up for a project, the men at Gulf Stream are a cultural beacon shining bright in North Devon. They don’t just make pieces of art that you can ride waves with, they do other stuff too, pop into their gentleman’s outfitters in Braunton, it’s full of girls stuff.....[read more]

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