Surfing at 70

Ive had a great time putting this together with James. He is super keen to let people know that with a decent diet and regular exercise there is no reason why you cant still be surfing even if 5o years of it has messed up your shoulders. With the development of SUP surfing James has had a new lease of life and will still be seen out the back on over head days! You can check out His amazing photographic journey here.

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video journals

Welcome to my video journal from the North Devon coast. I try and post something meaningful or beautiful here every week.

If you really enjoy these micro movies, some of them can be found as bonus material on my NOTCALIFORNIA DVD

image journal

  • not yesterday
  • Inverted perceptions
  • Exotic location
  • Standing stones
  • Surrealism
  • Vapourous ships of the dawn
  • Metal detectors behind me
  • Hands up this is a stick up
  • It's behind you
  • Stiff offshore
  • First drop in temperature for weeks
  • Towers of rain
  • Great anvils of moisture
  • The architect of the tide
  • Bird botherer
  • Serene scene

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