River Ocean


riverOcean is a largely voluntary, non-profit environmental organisation, specialising in water. riverOcean is made up of three areas – research, education, and communication – working together for positive change their motto ‘We All Live Downstream’ emphasizes this collective responsibility and interdependency, and highlights the links between river and marine ecosystems.

We have been providing design support to riverOcean for many years and would urge you to get involved in the brilliant work that they do.

image journal

  • not yesterday
  • Inverted perceptions
  • Exotic location
  • Standing stones
  • Surrealism
  • Vapourous ships of the dawn
  • Metal detectors behind me
  • Hands up this is a stick up
  • It's behind you
  • Stiff offshore
  • First drop in temperature for weeks
  • Towers of rain
  • Great anvils of moisture
  • The architect of the tide
  • Bird botherer
  • Serene scene

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