Patagonia launches food line – Finisterre to retaliate?

The surprising news that Patagonia have launched a food line shrink-wrapped for easy eating by rough outdoorsy types had me searching for a calendar to make sure it isn’t April 1st. But no – its true. They’re selling salmon from sustainable sources, caught sensitvely by local people. This is great news (although it seems a bit expensive at $12.50 a packet).

Will St Agnes-based Finisterre (the UK equivalent of Patagonia) feel duty-bound to retaliate? If so, they don’t have to look far. For centuries, the Cornish pasty has provided portable sustenance for miners, surfers and even grockles. Now it’s received Protected Regional Identification status, its ticks the ‘made by locals’ box. All Finisterre have to do is source an organic one and flog it in a paper bag made of 100% post-consumer waste paper to make it even more sustainable than Patagonia’s offering. Proper Job.

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