More naked shlebs against overfishing

Iage of naked Jerry Hall and Lizzy Jagger with 2 fish

A few months ago, I wrote about the Fishlove campaign that used pictures of naked celebrities cuddling various fish and shellfish to publicise the plight of European fish stocks. The campaign was certainly successful in raising awareness and its now being repeated to coincide with an Ocean2012 petition to encourage the European Parliament to take action against the depletion of fish stocks.The shlebs include some who even I – as a rational scientist who has never knowingly looked at Okay, Heat or the Mail Online – have heard of. They include Jerry Hall and her daughter Lizzy Jagger, Greta Scacchi, Lenny Henry, Sir Ben Kingsley and Mark Foster.

The least you can do to help is to sign the petition. If you want to see naked skin juxtaposed with naked scales, you should shlep to London to see an exhibition of the latest shleb photos (before 31st October) or view them online. Even better, only buy fish from sustainable sources (or Waitrose if you don’t have a local supplier) and eat out at restaurants who source their fish carefully, like Moshimo in Brighton.


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