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James Stentiford


Skill: Freeride Snowboarder

Current Sponsors : Quiksilver , Lib Tech , DC shoes , BlueBird Wax

General: James is the longest standing professional snowboarder in the UK and one of the only freeriders . First sponsored in 1991, He been living in Chamonix during the winter for the last 18 years .

With a motivation still as strong as back then as he gone from freestyle snowboarder to riding Big Mountains where the possibilities are endless , being motivated by exploring new mountains and travel to remote places .

Despite a long career with international magazine coverage and film sections he has probably had most impact this last winter competing in the World Freeride Tour, being the first UK rider to compete . Ending up in 6th overall and with two podiums during the season , getting third in Fieberbrunn and third at the prestigious Verbier Xtreme .

No one trick pony, James has actually been referred to as “annoyingly talented”. He rides a skateboard, surfboard, kiteboard and mountain bike with a level of skill that many in either of these fields would be envious of. He is also a demon on the backgammon table and you don’t want to bet against him at pool either.

Career highlights :
Going to Alaska to film (the ultimate testing ground for Big Mountain snowboarding )
Trip to Greenland to explore unridden mountain range with Rightgaurd
Ford SMax internet campaign
Filming TV show on Avalanches with Gethin Jones in New Zealand around Mt Cook
3rd place at Verbier Xtreme

Plans for next season :

Competing on the world tour again next season and looking for a win in an event if everything comes together , hopefully with a good start to the season he can get in the top three overall .

A trip to South America visiting Argentina and Chile and combining it with a surf trip to Peru, as well as a sailing, surf and snowboard trip to Norway or Iceland, and a trip east to Georgia.

A huge media presence, a polished professional attitude and undeniable freakish talent combine to make James a stupidly lucrative investment for any company looking to position and strengthen their brand in the extreme sports sector.

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