How to cure an ice cream headache

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For many years. I’ve been plotting how to make money from surfing. As anyone who has ever seen me surf will attest, I’m not a competition standard surfer. I have never felt like setting up a shop (which seems an almost doomed idea at the moment). Many years ago I designed a wetsuit neck closure which didn’t quite patent, even though I had one put on one of my wetsuits and it worked a treat. So I decided to put my mind to solving one of the cold water surfer’s worst ordeals – how to cure an ice cream headache.

A few weeks ago I blogged about ice cream headaches and how they are caused after reading about them in National Geographic. Since then I’ve been experimenting when surfing. Given that the coldness is apparently caused by ‘the direct result of the rapid cooling and rewarming of the capillaries in the sinuses and the article  recommended sipping the ice cream or cold drink more slowly, I experimented by making saliva in my mouth and sloshing it around to warm it up. It worked a bit, except it took some time to get enough liquid. So I then tried sipping a bit of ocean at the end of  a duckdive and it heated up faster and the ice cream headache dissipated more quickly. Result!

Unfortunately, I can’t see any way of making money from this unless I start manufacturing wetsuit-friendly thermos flasks to sip from for surfers in cold, polluted oceans who don’t want to sip the s**t of their local town. So I offer up this method to the greater surfing community gratis – all I want is the glory.

I’m now going to turn my attention to solving the problem of stinky wetsuit boots.

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