How many nude models does it take to save a fish?

Image of Nude Lizzy Jagger, daughter of Misk and Jerry Hall with tuna

That’s what I was asking myself after reading last Sunday Times magazine feature on the fishlove photos taken by fashion snapper Rankin of Jerry Hall, her and Mick’s spawn Lizzy Jagger and other fashion luvvies. The photos are part of the very laudable Ocean2012 campaign to stop overfishing in European waters.

I thought the publicity given to the need to conserve fish stocks and promote sustainable fishing (and eating) by celeb chefs like Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and his Hugh’s Fish Fight campaign was probably enough to cope with for us humble caring pescatarians. But no, now we have to cope with the gratuitous nudity of the beautiful people to convince us to do the right thing.

While it is a great thing that these celebs feel strongly enough to pose with only a haddock to preserve their modesty, how much difference is this really making to fish stocks? There are Chinese fishing boats illegally chasing tuna in the Mediterranean and less than 1% of UK coastal waters are protected as marine reserves – so far, the only proven method of saving fish from the trawlers.

I’m glad the beautiful people are waking up to the beauty of fish about to be hoovered out of the ocean, but it’s the ugly myopic decision-makers who really need to wake up.




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