How fat are surfers?

image of excellent rotund surfer

I’ve just been looking at the shocking latest statistics for people being overweight and obese in England. In my age group nearly 77% of men and 66% of women are overweight or obese. That’s pretty jaw-dropping, But do surfers fit that (tubby) profile or are they more likely to be svelte athletic specimens?

Where I do most of my surfing, the waves aren’t usually that big, nor the swells that frequent, so most surfers don’t get in the water every day nor do massive amounts of paddling to stay fit. So unless they do lots of other sport or watch their diet, a fair amount of them could be described as average weight for their age group (not that I’m ogling the chaps in the car park, I hasten to add) But not 77%. Probably¬† about 50%.

Of course, we all know that surfers are more likely to get sick from the bacteria and viruses in the sea, but how can they stay svelte and fit for surfing?

At this time of year, lay off the Christmas pud, for one. Do some cycling, swimming or running before Christmas Day. Don’t waste your money on gym membership, but buy some bar bells and a stretchy exercise band and do some simple exercises at home.

Happy Solstice, Christmas and New Year.


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