Global weirding…or the new normal?

image of somerset flooded

Officially now the wettest January on record, it has also certainly been a surf-rich winter in my ‘hood. While the Secretary of State for flooding is reportedly a climate change sceptic, the Prime Minister seems to accept that extreme events like the weather since the end of December is more likely with climate change .

It’s miserable being flooded – I know as it happened to me once – but surely we have to accept that what’s happened recently is more likely to happen in future and will therefore be the new normal. Beyond the shrill moaning of  some, the penny does seem to be dropping that some small villages and isolated houses at high risk may not be sensible places to defend from flooding and the landscape needs to be used better for dealing with flooding.

Coastlines will be changing as well. When each storm passes, sand and shingle get moved around and old breaks disappear, being replaced by new ones. As surfers we know this, but our acceptance of the natural cycle of destruction and creation, needs to be learnt by the politicians and decision-makers.

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