For one weekend only – London is surf central

logo of london surf film festival

For one weekend only, London will be surf central. I don’t mean the fabled ‘secret’ Thames bore, or wake-surfing a waste barge. Or even day trips to Kent or Brighton (don’t bother?) or weekends in the west country.

No, I’m hard and moist with anticipation at the prospect of attending the London Surf Film Festival next weekend (11-14th October). There’re some marvelous UK premieres of new international surf films and some inspirational Shorties. sponsored by the National Trust. The judging panel for the awards is a rogues gallery of surfing aesthetes, luvvies and creatives and has been putting in hours of laptop time choosing the deserving winners.

I’m looking forward to see beautiful people doing beautiful moves on beautiful waves in beautiful places, but hopefully also normal looking people doing grunty moves on average waves in ugly places (i.e. the kind of surfing I’m used to, as portrayed in The Endless Winter and Not California and hopefully some of the Shorties).

So next weekend, do something different. Go surfing in London.

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