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Surfonomics – the power of the £

Surfers Against Sewage is carrying out a survey asking British surfers about their spending habits on their surfing habit. This is vital information needed to help persuade decision-makers that waves are worth protecting and improving. Unfortunately, in a capitalist world (especially at the moment),  it is difficult to make.......[read more]

Sexism in Surf advertising – the backlash starts here?

  Roxy seems to have scored a spectacular own goal in releasing its trailer for the 2013 Roxy Biarritz Pro. Its an orgy of soft focus, slo-mo product placement which purports to present a serious athlete going about her business. It’s been roundly condemned by many in the surf.......[read more]

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Paddle Round The Pier – surfers giving something back

Since 1996 there’s been a group of surfers paddling their boards and other weird and wonderful craft around one or other of Brighton’s piers. Founded by Dave ‘Sandals’ Samuel, it started as a fundraiser for Surfers Against Sewage and has now grown into the biggest free beach festival in.......[read more]

Do something for World Oceans Day 2013 – 5 top tips

This Saturday – 8th June – is the annual World Oceans Day. It’s the official UN designated day to celebrate the ocean. The theme for this and next year is ‘together we have the power to protect the ocean’. However, we should be doing lots more than merely celebrating.......[read more]

How much is a wave worth (again)?

Mulling over yesterday’s post made me think that waves are worth an awful lot more to the owners of car parks and cafes near to spots and to the surf shops, shapers and B+Bs that we use. Waves are worth thousands, nay millions of pounds. For that reason alone.......[read more]

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How much is a wave worth?

Last weekend I visited one of North Devon’s premier surf spots where one landowner has a monopoly on parking. A decade or so ago, parking charges were reasonable and in the winter, non-existent. Since then, however, with the growth in surfing, the landowner has struck it rich. Parking charges.......[read more]

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Limpets and tsunamis – micro and macro oceanography

There have been two mesmerising programmes on the BBC this week about oceans. Both (at time of writing) are still on i-player. At the macro end of the scale, what would happen if a volcanic eruption on the Canary island of La Palma triggered a mega tsunami? Using boffins.......[read more]

Act now to rescue protected areas for marine wildlife

The Government promised a network of Marine Conservation Zones to protect our precious marine wildlife. Consultation ends: Easter Sunday – 31st March 2013 Sea user stakeholder groups came to an agreement and recommended a network of 127 zones in English and Welsh offshore waters. The Government’s consultation is now proposing to designate just.......[read more]

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New chapter in British surfing history opens soon

A major new exhibition at the award-winning Museum of British Surfing will look at the decade when modern surfing culture first washed ashore on the UK’s beaches in the 1960s. Exactly 50 years after the Britain’s first surf shop opened its doors, ‘Sixties SURFER!’ will tap into the source.......[read more]

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At last, there’s some potentially good news for our fellow ocean dwellers, the shark. An international agreement may be signed in the next few days to protect ocean white-tipped, hammerhead and porbeagle sharks. The good guys are the countries of South America and West Africa who’ve seen shark numbers.......[read more]

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