Nicks paddle

Nick Thorns Channel crossing

We recently accompanied one of our media management athletes on  a challenge to cross the English Channel, in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Surf Relief U.K. It was great to witness the days events first hand, hope you enjoy the piece we put together.....[read more]

mexican dreamin

A perfect summers day….

…….it is not. Here is a little pic to remind us what the world can look like when that yellow ball in the sky can reign supreme. It was taken from my bedroom window in Mexico, and is probably one of the funnest waves in the world.....[read more]

Ben steals the show and is crowned British champ!

Ben Howarth is on a roll. He has just won the 3rd B.L.U event of the year making securing him the title of 2011 British champ. As stated in his profile, he is the bright young thing of the U.K longboard scene right now, and his results are testimant.......[read more]

Well done Nick!

Nick was in brighton this last weekend competing at the paddle around the pier events, and pretty much cleaned up.   I think they were so scared they even started the one race without him as he was just completing a 7.5k board race, probably to warm up on.  .......[read more]

gulfstream surfboards

Boom, there it is!

Here we take you into the mind of the man behind Gulfstream, and give you a look at what makes them such a special boardbuilding company.  Enjoy.....[read more]

If Batman surfed…..

……..he would own this board. 5’10 x 19 x 2 3/4 Just picked up my new shralp stick from the Diplock Phoenix boys and am so stoked. Check it out. It has a carbon/Kevlar cloth deck, the stuff they produce bullet proof vests out of. Might take it to.......[read more]


Shooting Gulfstream promo vid

Really excited, we are busy producing a promotional video for the boys across the road at Gulfstream. Next step is to get some water footage of the boys at the next “board meeting” The charts look good and we have a 5AM call time on the beach. The early.......[read more]


Exciting times

Wavedreamer Media is opening up a division which involves assisting with media management for anyone who’s skills or looks have a marketable value. We are creating a hub from which we connect people to opportunities. We will be working with our team to create bespoke individual digital profiles that.......[read more]



Eye eye captain, thar she blows. Recently arrived on the wavedreamer shores, a fine vessel if we ever saw one. Her maiden voyage was a success, and we deem her seaworthy! Now lets see some action you skurvy riddled sea dogs.....[read more]


New tee shirts just arrived

We have just taken delivery of a batch of new T shirts printed over the hill by our friends at A4 Apparel. If surfing has an “unhealthy” effect on your life you will understand. All the rage in London, New York and Paris, If you would like to be seen sporting.......[read more]

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