• not yesterday

    Latest Image Journal: Thu 21st Nov, 2013: This is not yesterday!

    Occasionally you just need to remind yourself of calmer times…[click the image to read more]

  • Great news about bathing water…or is it? Image of CSO by Surfers Against Sewage

    The Philosurfer: Great news about bathing water…or is it?

    Tue 15th Apr, 2014: Today’s news that water quality at over 70% of UK beaches is officially ‘excellent’ is great isn’t it? Well...…[click the large image to read more]

  • James

    Latest Video Journal: Surfing at 70

    Ive had a great time putting this together with James. He is super keen to let people know that with a decent diet and regular exercise there is no...…[click the image to read more]

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    • Image of Kelly Slater
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    • image of frozen brain
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