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The popular image of the National Trust is of sensible people in sensible tweed shuffling round stately homes. So it may come as a shock to many surfers that the NT are sponsoring the Shorties Contest in the London Surf/Film Festival 2012 and that the NT have surf ambassadors.

The fact is that the NT manages a tenth of England, Wales and Northern Ireland’s coastline, including many famous surfspots, and is therefore at the forefront of helping to conserve the qualities that make surfing in the UK so special. As well as being a big landowner, the National Trust also wield a lot of  political power and this year were largely responsible for getting the Government to water down some of its proposed pro-business planning policies. So they are a powerful ally for surfing to have.

Whoever enters the Shorties Contest will have a hard act to follow, as last year’s winner, Uncommon Ideals, became an internet sensation. The London Surf/Film Festival is being held in The Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, between 11th and 14th October,. As well as the Shorties Contest, there are  Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography and London Surf / Film Festival Viewer’s Choice awards and its definitely worth a trip to the Smoke for.


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